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for clients ★

How can I book you for a project?
For union and studio projects, it is preferred to book via my representation at CESD Talent Agency (contact Brittney & Erin for video games, Sam for animation/dubbing.) For indie/smaller projects, narration gigs or other niche types of VO, you may find my business e-mail here.

Are you able to record from home?
Absolutely. Throughout the pandemic (and even beforehand), I was providing quality audio from my home booth. Recordings from my home studio have been used in console games, mobile games, streaming services, web series, commercials, explainer videos, voice guidance systems, and even film festivals.

What microphone do you use to record?
I normally use the Sennheiser MKH-416 (shotgun mic) for game and narration recordings, and Neumann TLM103 (large-diaphragm condenser) for animation and anime recordings. I also have a Gefell MT71S which is my personal favorite. My audio interface is an SSL2. If you have a specific request for your project, feel free to note it in your e-mail!

What are your rates for voiceover recording?
Rates vary widely based on a number of factors, such as type of project, workload, and how it will be used/distributed. Please contact me with details of your project if you would like a specific quote!

Can you help me with finding actors to voice the other characters?
Yes, absolutely! I have assisted with casting for several game projects in the past and am connected with a diverse roster of hundreds of other voice talent. I can also assist with preparing audition materials and curating submissions. Please contact me directly if this is a service you are interested in!

How soon can you deliver audio files?
Many times, audio for self-directed projects can be turned around within 24-48 hours on weekdays (save for long-form recordings), but please discuss any specific deadline/availability needs for your project at the time of booking.

Can you edit the files?
I can provide basic cleanup of the recordings. Individual file splitting/labeling is available for an extra fee. If you need the audio to be mastered, I suggest working with an audio engineer/dialogue editor to ensure that everyone in the cast has consistently edited audio that meets the specifications of the project.

Can we listen in on the recording and give direction?
Yes. Live-directed sessions will be subject to current schedule availability, but there are a variety of options for connecting including Source Connect (Standard or Now), Zoom, Skype, or Discord. Allowances can be made for late-night sessions to better accommodate overseas clients.

Can you do ADR/dubbing remotely?
Yes! I have a large monitor in my booth and hardwired Internet, and have recorded many hours of dubbing remotely including for major studios in both the California and Texas markets. Note that your studio will need to be set up for ADR on your end (usually SourceConnect Standard/Now or SessionLink for audio recording, Zoom/Skype for video sharing). If you are an independent client who needs me to dub to video on my own time and place all the audio myself, this is possible too, but it will result in an extra hourly fee for the editing work.

Can you come in-studio to record?
If the studio is located in the Los Angeles area, this is certainly a possibility. For out-of-town bookings where recording from home studios is not preferred by the client or there are very specific technical needs, there is also the option of booking a partner studio in the Burbank area.

Do you only do character work, or are you available for narration/commercial/corporate work as well?
I’m happy to voice all sorts of projects and can easily transition my style from game & animation work to explainer videos, e-Learning, announcements, commercials, automated phone messaging, kiosks, trailers, you name it! Please feel free to contact me for a custom sample. (Unfortunately, I am typically unavailable for audiobook work due to the time and workload involved.)

Are you open to doing indie/student projects?
This depends on a number of factors, such as type of project, schedule availability, pay rate and workload. Please feel free to contact me with the details of your project and we can discuss—or if I’m not available, I can refer you to other actors who are!

for actors / aspiring actors ★

How do I get into voice acting? Do you have any tips/tricks for people wanting to go into this field?
Please read I Want To Be A Voice Actor and/or “How do I get into voice acting?” Mega Thread – it explains everything in depth and will likely answer most of your questions! The Voice Acting Club Discord, which I have founded and help admin, is also a large community where you can discuss and ask perspectives from various actors (please read the rules and FAQ upon joining, and take a moment to lurk first!)
As much as I wish I could individually respond to every inquiry, I get these questions so often that in addition to the resources above, the summarized advice I give to everyone are:
1. Learn to act (“doing voices” isn’t what gets you cast, it’s about playing a character believably),
2. Practice reading out loud and recording your voice (most voice acting involves cold reading), and
3. Get involved in auditioning for online projects (student animations, indie games, hobby audio dramas, etc. – this will help you gain practice and confidence.)
Acting training is highly recommended, even if it’s something like school/community/church theatre to start.

How long have you been voice acting?
I started as a hobby in 2004, but have been voice acting professionally since around 2011 when I moved to California (with a few on-and-off professional roles before that), and went full-time in 2018. I have been working at my craft for many years and slowly built up a career voicing hundreds of characters over time. I am a firm believer in that there is not one defining moment of “success” for most people; any entertainment career is a journey and a process that often takes years of hard work.

Do you offer coaching or classes?
I do not currently offer coaching, as I believe there are many others more qualified to offer this service. I occasionally appear as a guest instructor for specialized workshops run by various studios (I’ve taught for Strawberry Hill Music and RealVoiceLA so far), but I do not directly offer classes. If you are looking for a coach or instructor, I suggest checking out the #classes-coaches-workshops channel on the VAC Discord Server.

I heard you offer live direction for demo reels—how can I get more information?
You can find all the most up-to-date information regarding my demo directing services here. You will need to source your own script writer and audio mixer. Please keep in mind that this service is meant for those who aren’t quite ready to invest in a professionally produced demo, but need something in the interim to submit to indie clients, online castings, etc. If you are at the point where you are ready for agency representation, you are encouraged to save your money for an industry-level demo producer.

Can you help me get in with [studio, agency, etc]?
As someone who primarily works as an actor, I don’t have that type of power! While I may occasionally be in the unique position to recommend another actor for an audition opportunity, this is reserved for trusted professional colleagues whose work I can confidently vouch for. I am not permitted to give out private e-mail addresses of casting directors or studio coordinators. If you are looking for agency representation, you may check agent websites for their submission policy and procedure once you believe that your skills are industry-level competitive.

Are you available to meet one-on-one for mentorship, consultation, etc?
Usually, a mentorship is a unique situation that happens naturally. As much as I would love to be able to meet with everyone and give individualized advice, I unfortunately just don’t have the time and emotional resources available to do so. However, if you just have some questions you need answered, I founded the Voice Acting Club as a free resource to connect with other actors and share advice. You’re also welcome to shoot me a quick email if you have something specific that’s not answered in the guides, and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

for fans

How can I get your autograph?
If I’m not coming to a convention near you or you’re unable to attend in-person events, I offer a variety of online options for signed prints. My online autograph shop is generally open year-round with the exception of the holiday break, and I occasionally do themed events through Streamily as well. If you have a personal item you would like signed (such as a DVD, figure, or game case), this service is currently only available at in-person events such as conventions.

Can you do shoutouts/voice recordings/personal messages as one of your characters?
Due to legal and contractual reasons, I am generally unable to provide unofficial voice recordings as my characters, including/especially in exchange for payment. If you have a unique circumstance for strictly personal use that you feel warrants an exception (for example: I once voiced a greeting for someone’s car!) then e-mail me and we will discuss. Otherwise, if you just want a gift for a friend or family member, please consider purchasing an autograph instead—it can be addressed to that person and even include a quote or custom message of your choosing.

Can I interview you for my podcast/YouTube channel?
As I am often extremely busy with recording and events, I often do not have time to do interviews, but I will consider them on a case-by-case basis depending on my current availability, the concept for your show and various other factors. You can read my interview policy here.

Can you come to a convention near me?
The best way to get ANY guest you want to see is to tell the people in charge of guest relations at the convention that you want to see us! Attendee input carries a lot more weight than us e-mailing the con saying we’d like to go, so please reach out to your local convention(s) via e-mail, social media, their forums or a guest suggestion page and let them know who you’d like to see.

Can I message you just to chat?
As much as I love and appreciate those who are fans of my work (and am truly grateful for the support!) I take the concept of parasocial relationships very seriously and believe in the importance of personal and professional boundaries. This helps ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. You’re more than welcome to hang out on my public social media or on my Twitch streams, or come up and say hi at a convention table, but in most circumstances, private messaging attempts or friend requests to personal accounts will not be responded to.

Do you accept gifts/letters/fan art?
Yes. My PO Box address is:
Stardust Sound
1812 W Burbank Blvd #151
Burbank, CA 91506
United States

*Please note that any items sent to this address cannot be returned.

What is your favorite role that you have voiced?
Jolyne Cujoh from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean (my dream role for 8 years prior!)

Do you watch the shows / play the games that you are in?
Sometimes! Unfortunately however, I don’t have the time or energy to keep up with everything. If I play a game I’m in, it’s usually because the game itself is something I’d enjoy regardless (ex: fighting games, Genshin.)

What’s it like working with [other actor]?
Believe it or not, we rarely record in the same place at the same time – sessions are scheduled individually and we each record our lines one at a time. If we meet our castmates, it’s usually on our way in/out of the studio, or at a convention or social event.

Can you put me in touch with [other actor] so I can ask them about something / can you ask them something for me?
In most cases, I cannot give out my colleagues’ contact information without permission. If you wish to ask them something, try doing so on their public social media accounts, or for business-related inquiries, you can often find a contact email or form on their website.

When/where is [show] coming out / are we getting another season / will your character be featured?
Most of the time we actually don’t know any more than you do [and even if we did, we wouldn’t be allowed to say!] The best way to get news on upcoming releases is to follow official social media accounts associated with the production.

Who is your biggest creative inspiration?
David Bowie.

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